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The Android x86 team has released the second release candidate of Android x86 4.0. This release is based on the source code of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. If you would like to try Android on your PC you can easily install it. It offers and extremely light weight OS which eats up very less resources.
This release has the following features:
  • Kernel 3.0.36 with more drivers and bug fixes.
  • Enable Dalvik JIT compiler support.
  • Supports some 3G modems.
  • Ready to run arm translator.
  • Physical keyboard layout selection.
  • Support two cameras.
  • Fake SD card is replaced by internal storage support.
  • OpenGL hardware acceleration for AMD Radeon and Intel chipsets.
  • Support Multi-touch, Wifi, Audio, Bluetooth, and G-sensor.
  • V8 javascript engine, ~ 10x faster than old jsc engine.
  • Chrome http stack to suppoer media streaming.
  • Experimental support of Renderscript.
  • External usb drive and sdcard are auto mounted to /mnt/USB on plugging.
  • Support hybrid mode of iso images.
  • A text based GUI installer which supports ext3/ext2/ntfs/fat32 filesystems.
  • Compressed filesystem (squashfs).
Warning: Ethernet support is not available in Android x86 yet.
Android x86 is a project that aims to bring Android to the most common hardware devices in the world, the x86 machines. You can download the ISO from here to install it on your PC or laptop.


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